We know how serious you are about giving your child the best, and that is the same reason why we are serious about getting the best coaches to conduct the WYNKIDS® program.

The effective transfer of knowledge depends a lot on the coaches because it is the coaches who will remove the mental block, inspire students to learn, and increase knowledge retention rate. Beside all these, being coaches also means to always do our best, to understand the student’s needs and to build trust.

We set high standard for our coaches and look for specific characteristics that will make them great coaches for your child. Among the major competencies required are:

  • Excellent academic track records
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills which includes good listening skills, flexible, embrace of diversity
  • Global working experience
  • Strong passion for the improvement and development of students

Only top candidates are selected and there is no compromise on quality.

WYNKIDS® Coaches Selection & Training Process

Round 1: Initial Screening

Once written applications are evaluated, a list of shortlisted applicants will be put through phone-interviews.

Round 2: Selection Workshops

Each candidate is evaluated on their interpersonal skills, mindset and clarity of communication.

Round 3: Interview

Applicants who make it through Round 1 and 2 will then be interviewed to determine the best candidates.

Round 4: Intensive Training

The selected candidates are now trained to understand the full WYNKIDS® program and teaching methodologies. This training will be a hands-on practical experience plus repeated practice to ensure all coaches are consistent in the teaching and the quality.

Round 5: Accreditation

Upon the successful completion of the training program, the coach will be accredited to train your child using the WYNKIDS® syllabus.

Continuous Improvement On-and-off-the-job Training

All coaches are constantly being assessed and given ongoing training to ensure all teaching materials and methodologies are abreast with the latest research of the Center.

Coach-to-Student ratio

We recognize that you would never compromise on your child’s development. By maintaining a small class size and assigning 2 coaches per class, we ensure every student gets the attention they deserve.

Coach-to-Student ratio
Primary School*
Secondary School*
1: 17
1: 18
1: 26
1: 15
United States
1: 17
Primary School Program
Secondary School Program
1: 10
1: 10
*Latest statistic available for public school, and round to the nearest integer Source: UNESCO International Bureau of Education

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