“Overall, Nisha’s learning attitude has improved. Thank You WYNKIDS”

“Ever since joining the WYNKIDS program, we have seen a lot of improvement in Nisha. She will complete all her homework and is more serious about her studies. She even takes the initiatives to help her younger brother in his studies! Overall, Nisha’s learning attitude has improved.

Recently, the most heated discussion at home between Nisha and her brother is about getting 5A’s in their UPSR. We are really happy.”

“I used to dislike studies and doing homework mainly because I find it hard to understand some of the topics that are being taught in school. Thanks to the WYNKIDS’ learning techniques, I am now more interested in my studies and I find study and homework a lot easier. Other than the learning techniques, I think I have grown to be more mature now and my relationships with my family members have improved”.

“WYNKIDS helped me to get No. 1 position in class”

“My results in the class shot from 12th place last year to 4th place this year and most recently to 1st place in my latest exam. The learning techniques I learnt in WYNKIDS® had helped me a lot. The learning techniques are effective and easy to apply in school. The WYNKIDS program had really changed my mindset toward life and my attitude toward learning. That is also why my results have improved a lot.

All the WYNKIDS lessons are my favourite lessons because they are fun and interesting. I learnt something in every lesson. And the lessons that I learnt the most are actually communication skills and listening skills, because these are the skills that I applied most in my daily life.”

“We had been lending a helping hand to my son to take care of his children every now and then since Vivian was a kid. Recently we have noticed much improvement in her. She is now more responsible and open to positive advice.

Since joining the WYNKIDS® program, we find Vivian more confident and outspoken. She is also able to present herself well. She laughs more and is happy. As the grandparents, that to us is the most important, to see Vivian being confident and happy.

She is also more committed to her studies. And that had shown in her results. Even when we give her task now, she is more committed to complete it. We are really glad that we made the right decision to send her to WYNKIDS®.”

“Previously, Zakwan is quite shy, lack of confidence and is afraid to talk in front of a group of people. After sending him to WYNKIDS program, I saw a lot of improvements in him especially on communication skills. He is more confident, more outspoken and he is not a shy boy anymore. What I like about WYNKIDS is its holistic syllabus combined with games and activities-based methodologies. I am enrolling Zakwan for the next WYNKIDS program.”

“Every week, I travel all the way from Seremban to send Yi Xian to her WYNKIDS class in Petaling Jaya. Some people ask me if it worth the effort and time. And my response is ‘it’s totally worth the effort’. In fact, I feel that the results I see in my daughter far exceed the effort that I had put in.

Yi Xian had always been a good student. But after the WYNKIDS program, she is much better. She pays more attention in class, and her results improved from 15th place in the class to 6th place (Yi Xian moved from average class to good class). And not only that, she also now reads more, demonstrates better attitude, and will choose healthier food and watch her bedtime.

The WYNKIDS coaches are responsible and are well-trained to conduct the WYNKIDS unique teaching methodologies. The games leave a deep impression in the kids’ mind and thus Yi Xian will apply what she learn whenever she recalls the games.

I strongly recommend the WYNKIDS program to other parents because I have seen my child improved, and I know that sometimes parents have difficulties teaching their kids and therefore the children are not as good as they can be, this could affect their future. The WYNKIDS program will certainly help to make a difference, toward the better.”

“Emily used to be quite timid and not sociable. After the WYNKIDS program, I see positive changes in her. She is willing to come out and give presentation. She is very eager to do that which really surprises me. Before joining the program, she doesn’t have the courage to do presentation, not even to introduce herself in front of the class. She will give all sorts of excuses just to get away with it. Now I see that she is happily doing it. So that really impressed me.

“Edwin came to WYNKIDS as someone who is very playful. After the program, he is still playful but he is more well-balanced now. He is more serious about his work and his confidence has improved a lot. I am very happy that he is willing to volunteer himself in a lot of talks and presentations in the class which he refuses to do it in school.

I think all children should be given an opportunity to take up WYNKIDS program. Although they don’t have any serious problems, they just can come in and they will improve. There are mothers that I talked to throughout the program and everyone is telling me that they see changes in their child. So, my advice is whether a child is having problems or not, he or she should come in and attend the WYNKIDS program. He will become a better person. Also because of this program, I am more confident in facing their teenage challenges”

“We have seen a lot of improvement in Sharwini during and after the WYNKIDS program. In terms of academic, she has improved her ranking from seventh position to third position. She got the highest marks for English in her school. Her learning attitude has also improved as she will get her assignments done on her own. The best part is she love going to WYNKIDS to the extent that we cannot tell her we have to cancel WYNKIDS class because we have function to attend. Sharwini and Shobana really look forward to WYNKIDS class every week.

“Shobana used to be an introvert girl. She does not talk much. Half way into the WYNKIDS program, we saw Shobana started to open up, more positive and more driven. One example is she wanted to be a prefect in the school. She went to push for it and she volunteered herself and now she is a prefect. She is now more extrovert and has more friends. We are really happy”

“We have seen a lot of improvement in Puteri during and after the WYNKIDS program. For studies, she is now more responsible and has better learning attitude. She is not that dependant anymore. She is also more outspoken and can communicate confidently. We love everything in WYNKIDS because we believe that for children to absorb things is not to study all the time but also to have fun”

“Thank You WYNKIDS for helping my son Kuan Yew achieved straight A’s in his 2009 UPSR”

“I am deeply appreciated to extend my warmest heartfelt appreciation to WYNKIDS and its coaches. It is your sincere, continuous and tireless effort and your wonderful personal coaching improvement program that has made my son Kuan Yew to achieve straight 5A’s in the UPSR 2009. The commendable result is beyond my expectation. Well done for creating such a good program. For Kuan Yew this is his first milestone achieved. I believe you can bring him to a higher level with a stronger platform to face his future challenges. Thank you”

“After attending the WYNKIDS® Program, I have grown to be more interested in studies and I have stronger desire to succeed in life.”

“What inspire me most at WYNKIDS are the coaches' great achievements throughout their schooling and working years. I want to be like them one day - a high achiever. The thought of becoming an all-rounder like my coaches really drives me. And they make me want to be a better individual.

I really enjoyed the games too, I love coming to class!”

“We have seen a lot of improvement in Chen Hou since the WYNKIDS® program. He has not only improved on his academic performance, but also his attitude towards life and learning. The WYNKIDS program is holistic so it helps my child develops in all the areas that is relevant to his growth.”

“I found that Chen Hou now has better self-esteem and is more confident. He is also more serious in whatever he does, and therefore all the things he does had shown improvements. He now takes everything positively, seriously and with purpose. He has never volunteered to show us his academic results before but few weeks ago, he shown us his report card and he got No. 2 place in his mid-year examination. I am really happy with him.”

“Thank You WYNKIDS, I found my life direction!”

“Through the WYNKIDS® program, I am starting to get more serious about all pursuits in my life – my studies, my presentation skills, my school projects, even my extra-curricular activities.

I also have more courage and am now able to present in front of an audience, which is something that I would not have done previously. I talk to more friends and I feel that I have stronger interpersonal skills compared to last time. Most importantly, I feel happier. Because I have something to look forward to in life, I feel more purposeful.”

“WYNKIDS program had made Henry more mature, he now knows what he wants and he has stronger urge to study which has never happen before”

“I had made a thorough survey before enrolling Henry into the WYNKIDS® program. I believe that WYNKIDS® is the best program in town for Henry. I am very reluctant to send Henry to motivational program because I felt that it only has short-term effect. I want something that is long term and a program that has a lasting effect for Henry’s development. And WYNKIDS® offers just that.

One compelling reason for me to send Henry to WYNKIDS® is the credential and the experience of the young coaches. And I can sense their urge to mould the younger generations into high achievers. I think that is very important.

The WYNKIDS program had made Henry more mature, he now knows what he wants and he has stronger urge to study which has never happen before.”

“The best thing about sending Irfan to WYNKIDS is he enjoys it so much that it is never a chore sending him there. He loves the class!”

“Irfan has certainly improved after the WYNKIDS program. He is a playful boy and is not able to focus for very long, I am worried that his habit of getting distracted easily will cause his results to drop. But after attended the WYNKIDS program, I find Irfan more confident in his studies. He is number 7th in class in the latest exam. And all the subjects are ‘A’ including Bahasa Arab which is the subject he dislikes most.

The best thing about sending Irfan to WYNKIDS is he enjoys it so much that it is never a chore sending him there. He loves the class!”

“WYNKIDS helped me to improve my results!”

“I really enjoyed my WYNKIDS lessons and I had learnt a lot of new techniques and skills which I apply to my daily life. My results had improved significantly, especially for Pendidikan Islam, which had improved from an F9 to A1! My position in the class had improved from 20th to 12th.

My coaches at WYNKIDS are very good, I learnt a lot from them. I think my WYNKIDS class is excellent!”

“Han Rong’s results came back and it has improved tremendously. Almost all subjects improved, including Moral which used to be poor. I was really happy.

But the results is not the improvement that make me happiest. The more important thing is the improvement in his learning attitude. He will now finish all his homework on his own and I do not need to worry that he does not finish his homework anymore. His self-confidence has improved and I find him a better listener now.

I really appreciate the time and effort that the coaches had shown on Han Rong. He is now a better child, not only academically, but also on his esteem and attitude. The WYNKIDS program brings a holistic development for Han Rong. Both my husband and I are really happy! Thank you, WYNKIDS.”

“Many good things happened this year. I was elected as the Head Prefect of my school, I won the Inter-school Hockey tournament and I scored 4A's and 1B in the 2009 UPSR exam. But the best of all, and I am really grateful to my mum for this, is that my mum sent me to WYNKIDS.

I would not have coped so well in all areas of my life if not for the study techniques and life skills that I learnt from the WYNKIDS program. I feel fun and I love everything I learnt in WYNKIDS. The games are great. Someday, I want to be a high achiever like my WYNKIDS’ coaches.”

“Three of them used to be quiet and do not talk much. After joining the WYNKIDS program, I felt that three of them are more confident and outspoken as compared to the last time. They tend to talk more nowadays. So, that’s why I think WYNKIDS program is good in the sense that children are actually being trained to present in front of a group of people. In school they do not have that kind of exposure and training. It is a good training for them. I am enrolling them for the next WYNKIDS program”

“We enrolled Hannah into the WYNKIDS program because it provides a holistic development of a child. The methodologies used are very good and interesting. After the program, Hannah has improved her communication skills. She is able to communicate well with others. Her academic performance has improved too but the most important improvement is her learning attitude. If Malaysia has more learning institute like WYNKIDS, it would be good”

“He is not so shy anymore and will now ask question when he does not understand”

“After joining the WYNKIDS program, I find Alex more independent and disciplined. Unlike last time, he will now finish all his homework on his own and is eager to complete his daily homework. He will now also wants to finish his holidays homework fast. This saves me a lot of hassle and stress. He is not so shy anymore and will now ask question when he does not understand. His overall results had improved too!”

“I used to get an average or lower position in my class but it increased up to position no. 6, not the best but it is a major improvement to me. Thanks to Wynkids I get to study easier in my life with the help of the tips I've learned in the sessions. Also, my bravery towards people has increased too. I have the bravery to ask teacher anything that I don't understand even if I'm laughed at by the teacher and friends. This attitude also makes me more willing to go to school/tuition without grumbling or hating it. As an addition, my time management in my life also changed; instead of spending my whole day staring at the computer screen, I spend more of my time finishing my homework and exercising outside”

“We find that Joel is happier in his studies. He used to dislike doing homeworks or going to tuition before going to Wynkids. We also began letting him to speak for himself with others, especially those who are elder than him and we find that he is braver now. He is using his time wiser and he is confident with his goal in life while trying his best to work towards it. Thanks Wynkids.”

“After joining WYNKIDS program, we find that Ji Kin is much more confident. Besides academic improvement, now he has better learning attitude towards life, communication and relationship. He has developed better communication skills and becoming all-rounder”

“I feel like I am more confident after attended WYNKIDS program. I can communicate easily with my friends without any problem. Also, I have good improvement in my studies and my academic results is better than the previous one”

“Thanks to WYNKIDS, I achieved straight A’s in the 2009 PMR”

“The WYNKIDS program has helped me to have more confidence in life, and I am not that shy to friends anymore. And I understand that to achieve success in life, we must have a GOAL. I know my goal, and I am working toward it.

My coaches care about us, our lives and our future. The lessons I learnt from them are invaluable, many of the life problems I faced since Standard 6, especially on interpersonal skills was solved”

“Definitely something I’ll remember!”

“My coaches are a bunch of fun, friendly people. They are professional and purposeful. The WYNKIDS program has pretty much modified my beliefs and changed my perspective towards things in life. It’s definitely something that I’ll remember.”

“Since the program, I have found Stephen speaking more maturely. And he will sometimes share with us the incidents or news that he picked up from the newspaper which is something that he have not done before.

Stephen also picks up social and networking skills which he came to understand that is really important for his future development. It had been enjoyable lessons for Stephen and he plays, learns and grows there.

The WYNKIDS coaches are very committed and the structure of the program is excellent. I speak very highly of the WYNKIDS program and really appreciate the effort and attention that the coaches had shown on Stephen.

We are enrolling our two daughters into WYNKIDS program”

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